Best Fishing Rod Holders For Garage

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Are you planning to keep your fishing rods in your garage? Protecting your fishing gear from humidity, sunlight, and falling objects is crucial. Otherwise, too much heat or excessive moisture will damage the fishing rods. That’s why you need a functional fishing rod holder.

But how can you find the best fishing rod holders for the garage? A lot of options are there. But not all of them are reliable. Some are too expensive while not giving the additional value you expect. Here, we will help you find a functional fishing rod storage system. Let’s dive in!

Our Top Pick for Best Fishing Rod Holders For Garage

In the list of best fishing rod holders for the garage, our winner is Redneck Convent Vertical Floor Display Rack. You can store up to 16 fishing rods or combos vertically. It has metal frames on both sides to offer impressive support. Heavy loads will not cause instability.

You will appreciate its a raised slope design to avoid touching the ground. Plus, assembling the unit is straightforward. You just need a Phillips screwdriver to tighten all screws. It is precisely an ideal choice for garages with limited space.

6 Best Fishing Rod Holders for Garage

Now let’s take a look at the complete review of the top rod holder for your garage.

01. PLUSINNO Vertical Fishing Rod Holder

PLUSINNO Vertical Fishing Rod Holder

Is your fishing rod relatively larger or smaller than standard options? Most fishing rod racks are suitable for accommodating 7 to 12-mm fishing rods. But this fishing gear has a perfect storage system to keep 3 to 19 mm effortlessly. You can store various types of fishing gear.

Do you think a fishing holder is a random option? NO! The manufacturer utilizes the principle of eccentric circle design for this storage system. Hence, it can support the weight of the body of the rod against gravity.

In addition, the rack has an arc-shaped design to keep various ranges of fishing rods securely. You don’t have to worry about sliding down any rods. Regular fishing rod holders usually hold three to six fishing gear.

On the other hand, PLUSINNO vertical fishing rack can accommodate nine fishing rods or a combo. The entire holder will cover 15- to 16-inches of space on the wall. This makes it perfect for a compact area. So, you can conveniently store different heights of fishing gear.

✅ Easy to install securely with five mounting holes❌ Rods will be too close to each other
✅ Ideal for storing various Telescopic, spinning, casting, and ice fishing rods❌ 16″ mounting holes could be better
✅ Made from a rigid polymer material to prevent bending and breaking issues
✅ Capable of holding more than 2.2 pounds of fishing rod or combo
✅ Simple to back up the fishing poles with three grooves

02. KastKing Patented V15 Vertical Fishing Rod Holder

KastKing V15 Vertical Fishing Rod Holder

Are you professional anger? You may have a massive collection of fishing rods and reels. But, installing two fishing rod holders might not be possible if you have a small garage. We have especially chosen this product for anglers who want to keep up to 15 fishing rods.

The entire fishing gear rack will cover 18 inches of wall space. It allows you to store all items horizontally to save space. Plus, installing the fishing rod holder is simple. It comes with 16-inches mounting holes and three drywall nuts and drywall anchors.

Each rack section has a co-injected V-groove to hold the fishing gear securely. You can effortlessly attach your fishing rod by simply pushing it. Removing the rod requires pulling it out straight. Depending on their diameter, you can keep rods on large or small v-grooves.

The KastKing V15 is made from an amorphous polymer. This material has better dimensional stability. Impact, heat, and chemicals will cause minimal harm to them. Plus, each v-groove is equipped with tacky thermoplastic polymer for better support.

✅ A powder coated to resist wear and tear❌ The grip of the rubber edge could be better
✅ Easy to store up to 15 rods or combos❌ Cheap quality Drywall anchor
✅ Large and small v-grooves to accommodate different-sized fishing rods
✅ Made from a rigid amorphous polymer material for long-lasting durability
✅ Hassle-free to install on standard-spaced wall studs

03. WIPHANY Fishing Rod Rack

WIPHANY Fishing Rod Racks Wall

Doesn’t your garage wall have enough space to install a fishing rod holder? At least the ceiling is free, right? You can use this WIPHANY fishing rod rack to store up to 12 units. The entire product is divided into four pieces to install it effortlessly.

The fishing gear holder has deep groove cuts for simple accessibility. Placing and removing your favorite fishing rod is hassle-free. In addition, it is made from heavy-duty steel to ensure a longer lifespan. More importantly, the unit has a sturdy construction to handle heavier loads.

Besides, the manufacturer added a black powder coating. It has increased strength to resist fading, corrosion, and other types of damage. Retaining the original look for a long time is what you will love.

Moreover, the rack is equipped with PVC rubber to avoid scratching or damaging your beautiful fishing gear. It is also waterproof. Hence, a moisturizing-based environment will not cause any harm to the unit. However, the humidity level should not be too high to affect its functionality.

✅ Perfect for installing vertically on a garage ceiling or wall❌ A little flimsy toward the end
✅ Holds up to 12 fishing rods or combos❌ The rubber needs a little glue for better holding
✅ Made from heavy-duty steel and black powder-coating
✅ Vinyl covering strips to protect fishing rods and fishing poles
✅ A PVC rubber on the rack to prevent scratches

04. Redneck Convent Vertical Floor Display Rack

Redneck Convent Fishing Pole Vertical Floor Display Rack

Does your garage floor have enough space? If yes, you can try this shelf-type fishing rod rack. You can store up to 16 fishing rods or combos vertically. In addition,  the unit is divided into two sides. Each side can hold up to eight fishing rods or combos.

The main advantage of this fishing rack is its portability. You can even carry it anywhere if you want. Keeping the rods untangled is simple. Plus, assembling the unit is straightforward. A Phillips screwdriver is enough to tighten all screws.

This Redneck Convent rack has soft plastics where you keep the fishing rods. But metal is used on both sides of the fishing rod holder to offer impressive support. Heavy loads will not cause instability. Plus, both sides are painted black to make scratches less visible.

The bottom section of this functional rack comes with a raised slope design to avoid touching the ground. Another impressive thing is its practical construction. They have a half-circle design facing the upper and lower section oppositely. Plus,  it keeps the fishing gears firmly in place.

✅ A combination of black and gray designs to fit perfectly any spot❌ Not highly durable due to plastic materials
✅ Highly portable to carry from one place to another❌ Some complained about missing stickers
✅ Holds up to 16 fishing rods or combos
✅ Easy to assemble with the instruction manual
✅ Fits all types of universal fishing rods and combos

05. Savior Equipment Fishing Rod Rack Holder

Savior Equipment Fishing Rod Rack Holder Organizer

You can’t go wrong with this option if you are looking for a highly durable floor-mount fishing rod holder. The unit is made from heavy-duty aluminum and ABS Plastic. It has a high tensile strength. Plus, it resists physical impacts and chemical corrosion.

 The unit is divided into two sides. Plus, each side can hold up to 12 fishing rods or combos. You can store up to 24 fishing gear. Keeping each fishing rod or combo well-organized is relatively simpler. After all, all slots will cover minimal space. It will ensure a neat and clean look.

Worry about complicated installation? Leave this thought! This fishing rod holder from Savior Equipment is easy to assemble. Your bare hands to finish off the installation task within ten minutes. You don’t need to use any unique tool.

Not to mention the functionality of this product. Placing and removing the fishing gear is simple. Once you keep the rod inside the rack, it will keep it securely in an upright position. Savior Equipment offers a lifetime warranty for this unit, making it more reliable.

✅ Lightweight and sleek design to match any room❌ Large-diameter fishing rods will cover several slots
✅ Capable of holding up to 24 fishing rods or combo❌ Rods stand up too straight
✅ Easy to install without any special tools
✅ A lifetime warranty to ensure the reliability of the product
✅ Made from Aluminum and ABS plastic for extreme durability

06. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod Holder

Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod Holder

Are you in the market for a functional fishing rod holder where you can keep your other fishing gear? Your wait is over! The fishing rod rack has three shelves. Each self has enough space to store a good number of items easily.

Generally, anglers will store fishing rods or combos on both sides. Each side has enough space to accommodate up to 6 rods or combos. Hence, you can keep up to 12 fishing rods. Rush Creek Creations used steel frames for each slot, making them strong, robust, and ductile.

To improve their performance against rust, the manufacturer added a powder coating over the steel. You won’t have to be concerned about scratching too. Another impressive point is its adjustable middle shelf. You can increase or decrease the self-height depending on the box height.

Besides, the fishing gear rack has four small wheels at the bottom. Rolling the unit at various angles is more straightforward, giving you an additional probability. Rush Creek Creations used Engineered Wood for three shelves. Extreme humidity and temperature will cause minimal harm.

✅ Three shelves to accommodate various small and large fishing gear❌ No locking system for the rolling wheels
✅ Bottom wheels to quickly move from one place to another❌ Takes a little time to install 
✅ High-quality Engineered Wood for shelves
✅ Powder-coated steel frame to prevent cracks and scratches
✅ An adjustable middle shelf to store bulky items

How to Choose the Best Fishing Rod holders for Garage

Being an informed and conscious buyer is crucial regardless of the product you buy. You want to get the best bang.

The same rule applies to fishing rod holders. You don’t want to choose a poor-quality, less versatile option that doesn’t add value.

The followings are critical aspects you should not overlook when looking for the best fishing rod holders for your garage.

Best Fishing Rod Holders For Garage

How heavy your fishing rods are?

The average weight of a fishing rod is 0.7 to 0.8 pounds, whereas a fishing reel weighs as high as 1.25 pounds.

Your fishing rod holder must be able to take the load of heavier fishing gear combos.

Otherwise, you will see instability problems. The fishing rack may bend on either side due to excessive loads.

Before choosing any particular option, you must know how much load it can take.

Cheap quality holders are likely to crack from the immersive load. In some cases, it may ruin your favorite fishing rod.

How many fishing rods or combo do you want to store?

Seasonal anglers may have a few fishing rods and reels, whereas professional fishermen are likely to own many fishing gears.

A fishing rod holder can accommodate 6 to 24 units depending on size.

Choose a larger option if you want to keep a good number of fishing rods. However, your garage must have enough space to accommodate a giant fishing rod rack.

But, if you do fishing only occasionally, a small and compact option may fit better. This will save space in your garage.

What is the diameter of your fishing rods?

The diameter of the fishing rod varies. They are available in 6, 8, 10mm, and even 16mm.

If there is not enough space for each slot, thicker fishing rods will cover several sections.

The fishing rod holder may have a maximum holding capacity of 16 units. But you may only store 8 to 10 rods due to the larger diameter.

Most manufacturers use the standard slot diameter. But a few brands may offer slightly larger diameters to accommodate thicker fishing rods.

Make sure you know the diameter of the fishing rods. This helps you make a better calculation regarding how much each will cover.

What type of fishing rod do you want to store?

Not all types of fishing rods will need the same kind of storage system. You want to choose a particular option depending on the rod’s requirements.

For example, baitcasting rods are a little bit heavier. You want to select a sturdy option that can take heavy loads.

Likewise, spinning rods need slight stability to stay firmly in place. Holding their line in place is crucial.

Pick a perfect option depending on the storage need. Some may need a horizontal storage system, while others are okay with the vertical storage approach.

What storage system do you prefer?

Fishing rod holder comes in various types, such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, floor-mounted, and shelf-based floor-mount.

Each of them has pros and cons. Wall-mounted fishing rod holders appear to be the best choice if there is no space on your garage floor or it is pretty dirty.

Likewise, a ceiling-mounted rack system is a better choice if garage walls are not a safe place to keep fishing gear.

If your garage has a separate room or ample space, floor-mounted or shelf-based floor-mount fishing rod holders are the best choices.

They are pretty portable to carry anywhere effortlessly. Plus, some have several shelves where you can store other fishing items apart from fishing rods and reels.

How much space does the fishing rod holder have?

The average size of a fishing rod holder can be anywhere from 15 inches to 20 inches.

The larger the size, the more rods you can store. However, it may not be accurate for all.

For example, some fishing gears may have large diameter slots to accommodate thicker fishing rods.

In addition, many companies add a thoughtful design to utilize every bit of space of fishing gear rack.

They usually divide the rack into several sides to put a good number of fishing rods.

What is the material used to make the fishing rod holder?

Fishing rod holders are made from various materials depending on their types.

But their frames are generally crafted from steel or aluminum.

Aluminum is a little more expensive than steel. However, it is worth the money you invest.

Many fishing racks have rubber-based slots, where you keep the fishing rod securely. They are prone to slip down after you store them.

Self-based fishing rods have wood or plastic shelves where you keep other fishing gear.

Wood is slightly better than plastic as it is not prone to crack easily.

Can the fishing rod holder securely hold your fishing gear?

Fishing gears are more expensive than fishing holders. The holding mechanism of a fishing rod rack must be reliable and safe.

It should not slide down automatically. Otherwise, the base section will be damaged.

Some fishing rod has a raised bottom section to avoid touching the rod on the ground. This keeps the gear safe and clean from dirt.

Make sure to twist the rod properly after placing it in a particular slot. It should not be too loose. Otherwise, the rod will slip down quickly.

Also, it should not be too tight. Or it will cause scratches on the fishing rod surface.

How long does the fishing rod holder take to assemble?

Some fishing rods may require more than half an hour to assemble and install. You may even need to use a special tool like brackets or mounts to set up.

On the other hand, some fishing rod racks are pretty simple to install.

 They merely take ten minutes. A few minutes even provide a video instruction manual for simple assembling.

Anglers need to tighten a few screws to finish the installation task.

If you don’t have enough technical knowledge, choose a more accessible installation holder.

Does the fishing rod holder provide any warranty?

A warranty makes products more reliable. A few companies offer a limited lifetime warranty.

But sticking to the warranty policy is crucial to claim the warranty.

The company usually doesn’t cover any warranty if the damage occurs due to inappropriate installation or intentional actions.

In addition, a good number of brands don’t offer any warranty at all. Hence, your nearby location companies may not provide any warranty.

If you are not confident about the product quality, make sure it offers a warranty.

How long will the fishing rod holder last?

A fishing rod holder can easily last 10 to 20 years easily. But plastic-based options may have a limited lifespan.

The durability of a fishing rod rack depends on the maintenance and your garage environment.

For example, if you keep the holder in high humidity or extreme temperature condition, its material may start degrading over time.

Exposing the fishing rod rack to extreme moisture or water will do the same.

In addition, storing too heavy fishing rods more than the recommended weight may also deteriorate their quality over time.

How much are you ready to spend?

A fishing rod rack can be anywhere from $10 to $150.

But don’t always think a high price means the better. Some may have a moderate price but offer excellent value and functionalities.

Before choosing a particular option, consider its features, store systems, and how many fishing rods or combo you can store.

However, heavy-duty materials like aluminum will definitely be more expensive than plastic-based options.

It is worth the money you invest in the long run. More importantly, it will keep your fishing gear in place securely.

Final Words 

You should give importance to storing your fishing gear. Securely keeping them is crucial to use them for a long time with optimal functionality. We have already mentioned some best fishing rod holders for the garage to help you decide the best option.

In addition, this article covered an in-depth buying guide to cover all essential aspects that can aid you in choosing a compatible option based on your requirements. Since it is a long-term investment, feel free spend a little bit more to get the best bang.