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Are you looking for baits that can attract king salmon fishes from freshwater? Anglers have many options to select from, from natural to artificial ones.

However, tackling a giant fish like King salmon requires using some top-quality bait, with quality salmon fishing rods and reels. Sometimes, a single type may not be enough to entice King salmon. You want to try several options to see what they are biting on.

After considering the opinions of several experts and experienced anglers, we have finally chosen some top options to help you choose the best bait for King salmon fishing in the river. Let’s learn about them without further ado!

10 Best Baits For King Salmon Fishing In The River

Anglers have options to use natural and artificial bait.

Choosing a particular option depends on the size of King Salmon, water condition, budget, and most importantly, what other anglers are using.

The followings are top baits river fishermen can use to attract various sizes of King Salmon fishes.

Best Bait For King Salmon Fishing

01. Spawn Bags

When it comes to effective baits, spawn bags are a top choice. Fishes are attracted to them due to soft textured eggs with good milking action.

They are available in various colors and sizes. Anglers use these eggs to catch King Salmon by practicing float fishing.

In addition, many people follow the out-and-across-river direction to use spawn bags and catch fish.

However, the main problem arises when anglers around you use spawn bags. Catching them will be hard if most people use spawn bags to entice salmon fish.

Fish learned the trick. They won’t eat the eggs. So, you will have to try different baits.

But, if only a few anglers use spawn bags, the bait can be a perfect choice to entice them.

02. Single Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs come in various colors, such as dark reddish-orange, yellowish-orange, etc. Different species lay different eggs.

You can use salmon eggs to catch King Salmon. But, they need to be a bit larger because smaller options are not enough for King Salmon due to its size.

They are naturally softer. In addition, their bright color and fragrance easily attract the salmon fish.

Younger King Salmon like Salmon eggs because it is a part of their natural diet.

Also, they prefer to eat salmon eggs during their spawning times due to their over-aggressiveness.

But keeping these eggs on the fishing line’s hook is a little tricky. The fish will spit them out after biting them.

03. Loose Trout Eggs

If you want little smaller eggs, trout eggs are the best choice. They are mainly collected from Oncorhynchus Mykiss fish species.

These eggs have a crunchier texture and are softer than salmon eggs. Plus, these unfertilized eggs smell and milk better than many other eggs.

The natural bait is smaller, pops cleanly, and is a bit subtle in taste.

Trout eggs are approximately 3/16 inches in size. However, brown trout eggs might be around 1/4 inch in size

But how do you distinguish them? Trout eggs are available in various colors, such as yellow, white, orange, etc.

So, why do they vary in color? Trout has a lot of species. Their color varies depending on where you have collected them.

04. Soft And Hard Beads

Beads are a top choice, whether it is river or sea fishing. They just mimic the appearance of salmon or other fish eggs.

Beads are available in various colors. So, which color is more effective for catching King salmon?

The best option depends on the species. Most experienced anglers suggest using red or orange beads for salmon fishing.

Their egg-sucking leech pattern looks so enticing. Fishes can’t control them from biting the beads.

Beads are mainly made from plastic. It can be soft or hard. But should you use soft or hard beads to entice King Salmon?

Soft beads have almost a similar natural appearance. Plus, they sink better and stay consistently in the strike zone.

05. Flies

Anglers can use various types of flies for catching King salmon. Streamers, Nymphs, Dry Flies, Euro Nymphs, Saltwater flies, etc., are a top choice.

But why are flies so effective for fishing? It has a very lightweight body, as light as a feather.

When anglers drop them on the water through their fishing rod, it imitates the skirting motions.

Fishes take them as natural insects and get attracted to them. In fact, they are a better choice than lures in some cases due to their virtually weightless structure.

Apart from fly fishing, anglers use this product bait in bottom bouncing and float fishing.

So, what should be the size of flies to attract giant fishes like King Salmon? You should use both smaller and larger options combined.

6 and 8 sizes are better for King Salmon fishing. But you can use them in smaller sizes, like 10 or 12, because fish may not always like the same size.  

06. Minnows

It is pretty common for King salmon to eat smaller fish. You can feed them different live minnows, such as small Crustaceans, Squid, Herring, Sandlance, etc.

King salmon are more interested in eating them because smaller fishes provide a good amount of energy than smaller food items.

But they are sometimes a little bit expensive and hard to find. The best alternative option is using artificial minnows.

Choosing the right color and size is vital to attract King salmon. Blue, green, and silver colored minnows are the best choice for enticing fish.

As for the size, 4 to 6 size appears more practical for giant salmon fishing. Smaller sizes are less likely to mimic the real prey animals.

07. Plastic Grubs or Flies

 Plastic grubs or flies can be a practical option if you are an expert in catching King fishes in bottom bouncing or float fishing.

You must be wondering why King Salmon will eat artificial flies or grubs, right?

If the artificial bait has well presented and looks edible, it will surely eat it. You can also try Savage Nymph, Lil Hellgrammites, Power Wigglers, etc.

Make sure to use larger sizes because smaller options are not palpable for King Salmon.

You want to choose a minimum of 6-inches options. Also, it should be made from soft plastic.

But what color should you choose? It is better to select Dark and light color schemes combinedly. For example, purple bodies with blue or green glitter appear suitable.

Cast out the plastic grubs or flies and keep them sinking down under a few feet of the river water.

08. Plastic Or Fake Eggs

Apart from original eggs, anglers can use plastic or fake fish eggs. They are pretty attractive and look like authentic bites.

Egg clusters are a good choice for King Salmon fishing because several tiny eggs are glued together.

Their soft plastic egg design can entice salmon fish and take them as real ones.

But what color is better for King salmon? You can use light, subtle colors if the river water is apparent.

Orange, yellow, chartreuse, or bright greens are top color options. Catching fish’s attention is easygoing with this color.

But, if the river water looks a little bit red, anglers can use red, orange, and yellow to match the shade properly.

09. Jigging Lures Or Jigs

Another popular option is Jigging lures or jigs. They can effortlessly mimic baitfish.

The fishes are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

The best part of this artificial bait is its flexibility. Its head will give a clear idea about its versatility.

Anglers can use them in various types of water and different fishing conditions.

 Jigging lures mimic particular movements of baits with an almost similar swimming style. Salmon fishes take them as real ones and try to eat them.

They create a jerky, vertical “jumping” motion when you drop them on the water by hooking them on the fishing rod tip.

You can use various types of colors for catching King Salmon, such as Chartreuse, Peach, Pink, Purple, Orange, etc.

10. Plastic Worms

Besides using natural worms, you can use plastic worms.

It is a cost-effective option as they are reusable. But keeping them in tip-top condition is necessary.

Their size should be at least 6 inches because 3-4 inches of plastic worms are too small for King Salmon.

But why will salmon try to prey and catch them? Their attractive color and well-presented design trick fish and make them think it is a real worm.

You can use pink, red, or brown colors. However, neutral colors should be avoided. They are enticing enough to attract King Salmon.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to use the right bait to catch King Salmon. The average weight of this fish species ranges from 10 to 50 lbs. Your bait should not be too small that it fails to attract them.

We have outlined both natural and artificial options. Live or natural baits are a more practical choice. But they are a little bit expensive unless you collect them freely. In contrast, artificial options are affordable and can be used several times. Hopefully, the article on the best bait for King Salmon fishing in the river helped you choose the right option.

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