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Imagine you are fishing in saltwater. You have the perfect fishing rods and reels for salmon fishing. The anglers around you are using roe. Suddenly, you added a few worms. And the magic happened! You got several salmon fish within a few minutes. So, it is no wonder that worms can work like magic for salmon fishing.

Anglers can utilize various types of worms to entice different salmon species and catch them. But salmon will not eat each of them. Some are more effective than others. Choosing the right one will save you time. Let’s learn the best worms for salmon fishing!

11 Best Worms For Salmon Fishing

The main reason salmon fishes are attracted to worms is due to wiggling motion. They think it is easy prey to catch.

Its worm-shaped and natural smell entices fishes to eat them. The plump and juicy body is an excellent source of nutrition too.

Here, we will walk you through some best worms for salmon fishing. These live baits can be a perfect choice to catch more fish within a short period. However, if you are not comfortable using live baits, read here on our full guide on the best baits for salmon fishing.

Best Worms For Salmon Fishing

01. Lobworms


This live bait is one of the best choices for salmon fishing. Catching several Salmon Trout with lobworms is easygoing.

Most salmon species love lobworms regardless of their size. It doesn’t matter whether they come from freshwater or saltwater.

Its juicy protein-packed body looks so appealing to salmon fish. That’s why many anglers prefer lobworms for salmon fishing.

They just love to eat them. It is a perfect game of fishing bait!

If you are collecting or buying lobworms from any firm, make sure it is an authentic or trusted source.

They must be adequately fed and watered with refreshed bedding. Plus, all of them should be hand-picked to ensure the right size and quality.

02. Dew Worms

Dew Worms

Dew worms are a top choice when it comes to salmon fishing in rivers or lakes.

They are an enticing choice. You don’t have to be concerned about interfering with the lure’s motion. After all, they are small enough effectively mimic the movement.

Anglers especially love to use them to catch Salmon Trout and Coho salmon. You can collect them from your nearby fishing stores or even your backyard.

If the dew worm’s size is large, cut them into several pieces. And use them in each hook separately.

However, if you are targeting King salmon, use a single giant dew worm.

The main reason salmon fishes love dew worms is that they give them the smell and taste of crawdads.

03. Redworms


Compost-loving redworms or bloodworms are among the best choices for catching small salmon, such as pink salmon.

Redworms usually come from freshwater crustaceans or surrounding lands.

Salmon fishes love to eat this worm because it contains hemoglobin. It is a high protein content food that improves the digestibility of fish.

Apart from that, redworms have essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and lipids. It works as an excellent source of nutrition for salmon fishes.

In addition, this highly palatable worm improves salmon fish’s growth and antioxidant activity.

Its pungent earthy smell and bright red look make it more appealing to eat. 

04. Dendrobena Worms

Dendrobena Worms

When it comes to coarse fishing, Dendrobena worms are one of the top choices. They are also known as springers and dendrons.

You can use it directly as a hook bait. Or, chop them into several pieces if you are targeting smaller species of salmon.

They usually live in and under moist surface objects, dung heaps, leaves, rocks, etc. You can buy them from good tackle shops throughout the year.

This worm is one of the most accessible to keep as you can store it long-term.

They just need a warm environment, moist bedding, and a small of water.

This enticing pet food contains a good amount of zinc, copper, and magnesium. Eating this worm improves their skin, gills, eyes, and bone development.

05. White worms

White worms

Whether it is early spring, summer, or late fall, white worms are one of the top choices to use in various fishing conditions.

This worm has around 70% of protein and a good amount of fat. Salmon fishes can readily consume them.

They have around lipids 10% to 27% of lipids. But this popular cultured live food doesn’t contain any pathogens.

The best part of white worms is that they are easily and cheaply cultivated. So, you can effortlessly collect them from your nearby fishing store.  

You can keep this highly nutritious and calorically dense food in a thick-walled polystyrene box.

Hot or cold temperatures will not affect their lives actively. This live feed is not harmful to fish at all.

06. Mealworms


Live or dried mealworms can be a perfect choice for salmon fishing. It contains a good amount of protein, fats, and other nutrients.

Make sure to maintain 70 degrees F temperature to keep them alive for a long time.

You can use mealworms to catch smaller and larger salmon fish as most fish prefer to eat them.

But why do salmon and other fishes love them to eat? This insect larva is a balanced and varied diet that makes it a top choice as a tasty snack.

Another reason hungry salmon fishes love them to eat is because of their size and attractive golden yellow exterior. It works like easy prey.

07. Grindal Worms

Grindal Worms

Grindal worms are the best choice if the salmon is a little picky.

This small, healthy, and excellent food source offers the fish a mixed and varied diet.

Their average size is usually 10mm. You can use this worm for catching larger salmon species, such as Chinook or King salmon.

This invertebrate animal can adjust it in most room temperature environments. Hence, you don’t have to worry about its lifespan.

Keeping the temperature between 70° to 75°F (21° to 24°C) is a solid rule of thumb. However, they can endure up to 90°F (32°C) temperature without any problem.

But, make sure to use the worms within two days if you prefer to feed fish a live feed. You can use Dechlorinated water to create a comfortable environment.

08. Blackworms


When it comes to increased fats, proteins, and vitamins, Blackworms are a top choice. They are a perfect pick for breeding salmon fishes.

This worm can improve the overall health and breeding conditions of fish.

Salmon can eat both live and frozen Blackworms. Simply cut the sheet or cube of this highly nutritious food and thaw it out.

Draining excessive juice is necessary because salmon fishes will not eat it.

You can use spring water to create a comfortable environment for this invertebrate animal. Make sure the temperature is between 68 to 77°F.

The Blackworms can live up to 3-4 days in this condition. However, blackworms will surely love to eat fresh ones.

09. Ragworms


It is often called clam worms or sandworms. This type of worm is a perfect choice for round fish like salmon.

The primary reason fish love to eat this food is that it has high levels of digestible protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

It has very thin cuticles and soft bodies. The whole body contains 74% to 79% moisture, 17% to 20% protein, and 2% to 4% fat.

Ragworms can live for one or two days in good condition. You can keep them in a wrapped newspaper inside the fridge.

Make sure the refrigerator runs at 2 to 6 degrees. Due to their soft moisture-based body, they can’t withstand too much heat.

10. Microworms

If you are targeting smaller salmon fishes, Microworms are an excellent choice. Their body contains 24% dry and 76% water material.

In addition, the dry portion of this worm has 19.5% fat and 40% protein

Due to the presence of high fat, they are an attractive food source for salmon fishing.

Microworms live best if the temperature is between 21°C and 27°C (70°F–80°F). Make sure to keep them in direct sunlight and under vents.

When keeping them in any container, their lid area should be airtight.

However, some holes on the lid are necessary to let a small amount of air in properly. They can live around y 8-12 hours in water.

11. Plastic Worms

Apart from live bait, you can use artificial worms such as plastic worms.

3 to 4 inches plastic worms are an excellent choice for catching trout and other salmon species. Most anglers prefer to use them in rivers.

Salmon fishes take these worms as an easy target and good food to eat.

However, the artificial worms must be well-presented and have an attractive color to entice them. Then, they will swim around continuously to grab it.

But which color of plastic worms should you use? Pink is the top choice as they are more readily visible and attractive too.

You can select brown or red too. Avoid choosing any neutral color. It doesn’t convince salmon fishing.

Wrapping Up

Worms are affordable and easy-to-get live baits that you can use for salmon fishing. You can collect them from your backyard or pond if you are lucky enough.

However, choosing the right option is crucial. Salmon fishes don’t need any type of prey. They are a little bit picky.

We have rounded up a list of some best worms for salmon fishing. Let us know which worms you have used and how effective it was for salmon fishing. Happy fishing!

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