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Many new anglers often ask this question: Does a disabled person need a fishing license? People with permanent physical disability need to have a fishing license to fish in most states legally.

However, they will either get the license freely or at a discount rate than the regular ones. The fishing policy among states varies from each other. They also get updated from time to time.

Our readers live in various states of the USA. So, it is essential to find the correct information from a particular state. We’ve already discussed fishing license details and prices by state, however, this article is more focused on disabled fishing license details.

In this post, we have summed up all the information on regular discounted or free disabled fishing licenses by state.  

After going for in-depth research, we  have figured out—

  1. Among 50 states of the USA, 27 states offer free fishing licenses for disabled anglers. However, it may vary depending on the extent of disability.
  2. Among 50 states of the USA, 16 states offer discounted fishing licenses for disabled anglers. However, the discount rate may vary depending on the extent of disability.
  3. Among 50 states of the USA, 7 states have not disclosed any official discounted or free fishing licenses for disabled anglers.

If you want to know further details about a particular state, just click on the link. You will be redirected to the specific page. The page contains all the essential information.

Free Disabled Fishing License By State

Please be informed our team has worked hard to get the correct information. But the author of the state may change or update their fishing policy. Feel free to reach us if you discover any errors.

More importantly, carefully look through all details when checking the fishing policies for disabled anglers. You won’t get the free or discounted fishing license until the mentioned criteria are fulfilled. Blind anglers are offered a free fishing license in a few states. Some states offer a discounted fishing license depending on the extent of disability.

The main objective of this article is to provide important fishing license info for all states. Disabled anglers who want to start fishing and enjoy Mother Nature will find this post particularly helpful. They can figure out what they can do and what not.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with some valuable information. You can check out our article on how much it costs to buy a fishing license for regular anglers in various states and how to get the license easily.

List of all the states which provide free, discounted, or no discounted fishing licenses for disabled people:

  1. Alaska: Discounted
  2. Alaska: Complimentary
  3. Arizona: Free licenses for blinds
  4. Arkansas: Discounted
  5. California: Free
  6. Colorado: Free
  7. Connecticut: Free
  8. Delaware: Exempted if blind
  9. Florida: Free
  10. Georgia: Discounted
  11. Hawaii: Free
  12. Idaho: Discounted
  13. Illinois: Free
  14. Indiana: Discounted
  15. Iowa: Free
  16. Kansas: Free
  17. Kentucky: Discounted
  18. Louisiana: Free
  19. Maine: Free
  20. Maryland: Free
  21. Massachusetts: Free
  22. Michigan: Free
  23. Minnesota: Free
  24. Mississippi: Free
  25. Missouri: Free
  1. Montana: Discounted
  2. Nebraska: Discounted
  3. Nevada: Discounted
  4. New Hampshire: Discounted
  5. New Jersey: Free
  6. New Mexico: Discounted
  7. New York: Free/Discounted
  8. North Carolina: Discounted
  9. North Dakota: Discounted
  10. Ohio: Free
  11. Oklahoma: Free
  12. Oregon: Limited Free 
  13. Pennsylvania: No Discount
  14. Rhode Island: Free
  15. South Carolina: Free
  16. South Dakota: Discounted
  17. Tennessee: Discounted
  18. Texas: Free
  19. Utah: Free
  20. Vermont: Free
  21. Virginia: Free licenses for blinds
  22. Washington: Discounted
  23. West Virginia: Free
  24. Wisconsin: Discounted
  25. Alabama: Discounted

Please note that all the states update the license policies from time to time, if you see any misinformation do contact with us.

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