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The motor of an ice drilling device can affect its drilling performance. Ice drills come in both brushed and brushless motors in cordless devices. Ever wondered which one you should go for? Do you need a brushless drill for the ice auger?

Brushless drills for ice augers have more drilling speed and higher torque. They are perfect for highly demanding jobs where the ice thickness is more than 18 inches. But brushed drills can be okay for light projects where the ice thickness is less than 18 inches.

Do You Need A Brushless Drill For Ice Auger?

It is not mandatory to use a brushless drill for an ice auger. 

If you are mainly handling thinner ice to create holes that require small diameter holes, you don’t need to use any brushless option.

They don’t need too much power to drill through the ice. It comes in handy, especially for seasonable anglers who want an affordable option.

Bushed ice drills are less expensive than brushless options because they don’t have any electronic communicator and neodymium magnets.

But brushless drills for ice augers are the best choice when you are regularly handling thicker ice to create large-diameter holes.

They can save you time by drilling quickly. It might be expensive, but it is worth the investment in the long run.

The solid rule of thumb is to use a brush motor when the ice thickness is less than 18 inches.

But if it is more than 18 inches thick, choose a brushless ice drill.

Do You Need A Brushless Drill For Ice Auger

Why Choose A Brushless Drill For Ice Auger?

An ice auger is a screw-like device whose main job is cutting, shaving off the ice, and creating holes.

But, when it comes to heavy-duty jobs, brushless ice drills perform better than brushed options.

The followings are the main reasons you should choose brushless drills for ice augers.

01. More Energy Efficient

An ice auger with a brushless motor can be 85-90% efficient, but brushed drills are 75-80% efficient.

Different parts of the brushless motor are less prone to mechanical wear.

But why brushless drills for ice augers are more energy efficient than brushed motors?

It produces minimal heat and sound. Hence, the device will not consume too much power at a time.

The saved energy will be used to drive the load.

02. Fast drilling speed

According to several experts, a brushed ice drill can take around 40 to 50 seconds to create a hole, whereas a brushed motor can complete the job within 10 to 20 seconds.

A brushless drill can provide higher output power without any frictional losses.

Due to minimal torque losses, it can utilize the maximum torque.

Higher torque means faster drilling. This comes in handy when drilling thicker ice to create larger diameter holes. 

Anglers can create more holes with minimal time. It allows them to focus more on fishing.

03. Easy To Operate

Brushless drills for ice augers have a compact and lightweight design due to no brush.

Using the device in hard-to-reach areas will be easygoing.

It has a higher torque ratio compared to weight. This allows you to utilize more speed.

More importantly, lightweight ice drills will give you more portability. This makes it easy to transport.

In addition, you can continuously use this device for a long time to create a lot of holes.

It will cause minimal fatigue issues on your hands. 

04. Minimal Overheating Issues

Compared to brushed ice augers, brushless devices are less prone to face overheating issues.

The electromagnets in the motor don’t lose their magnetism as fast as they do in a brushed motor.

The temperature should always be between 150°F and 160°F in the brushed drill for the ice auger.

An 18°F (10°C) degree increase in the brushed motor can affect its durability over time. It may reduce its lifespan by up to 50%.

However, poor tuning and setup can cause overheating problems in brushless ice drills.

05. Long-lasting Durability

Brushless ice drills don’t have any brush in their motor to rub against anything.

It will cause minimal friction and no energy loss. Hence, there is no metal-to-metal contact between moving parts.

They are less likely to face wear and tear, increasing the overall lifespan of the ice drill.

An ice auger with a brushless motor can easily last 10 to 20 years, depending on your using approach.

The lifespan of a brushed motor of an ice auger can be anywhere from 1000 hours to 3000 hours.

On the contrary, a brushless motor of an ice auger can last as long as 10,000 hours.

06. Minimal Maintenance

Brushless ice drills don’t have any brushes. Hence, you don’t need to be concerned about frequently replacing the brushes.

Not changing the brushes on time will affect its optimal motor performance and decrease the risk of downtime.

Plus, you need to clean the brush regularly to ensure consistent functionality.

In contrast, brushless ice drills don’t need to face these hassles. It will save you money, time, and effort. 

07. Longer Battery Life

Ever wondered why a brushless drill for an ice auger has a longer battery life than a brushed option?

Minimal friction and less energy loss will make the battery last longer.

The battery life can be up to 40% to 50% longer than a brushed drilling device.

Besides, heat can damage an auger battery by evaporating the fluids inside the battery quickly.

Brushless drills for ice augers are not prone to overheating. This keeps the ice auger in good condition for a long time.

When A Brushed Drill For Ice Auger Is Okay To Use?

A brushless drill for an ice auger is surely one of the best choices. However, it is not compulsory to use it in all situations.

In some cases, a brushed drill appears more practical. Here are a few main reasons anglers can use a brushed drill over a brushless drill for an ice auger.

01. You Prefer An Affordable Option

The price of a brushless ice auger ranges from $120 to $300.

On the contrary, you can get a brushed drill for an ice auger from $90 to $180. They are usually 30% to 40% less expensive.

Brushless ice augers have a higher price tag because they are equipped with more sophisticated electronics.

Their brushless motor system has an electronic controller (ESC) and Hall Effect sensors. This increases the overall price of the brushless drill for the ice auger.

02. You Only Handle Light Projects

Where do you usually do your fishing? Does your fishing spot have ice cores as hard as Antarctica and Greenland?

You don’t need a brushless drill if you are not fishing in freezing areas.

Generally, regular ices are not too much thick. They are light projects, not highly demanding.

You don’t need a too powerful device to create holes and remove ice from your fishing spot.

The simple rule is using a brushless option when the ice thickness is less than 18 inches.

On the contrary, if it is more than 18 inches, brushless ice augers are a better choice.

03. You Are A Seasonal Angler

How often do you fish in a year? A brushless motor is not mandatory if you only do it a few times a year.

Anglers who only do fishing in their holidays might be looking for a cheaper option.

It does not make sense to buy a $200 to $300 brushless drill that fishes twice or thrice a year.

Plus, the device may fail to work and need repair if not used for a long time.

04. You Are Using It For A Few Years

Don’t think a brushed drill for an ice auger will last as long as a brushless option.

The brushless motor of an ice auger has higher durability due to minimal friction and voltage drop.

It is not prone to continuous physical contact. This will cause minimal wear and tear.

As a result, brushless drills will last a long time than a brushed motor.

If you are buying energy loss a brushed drill and using the device regularly, be ready to buy another after a few years.

You usually have two options: buying an expensive option that can last around 1.5 times longer than a brushed option.

Or, get a cheaper one that must be replaced within a few years. However, cautious usage and proper maintenance can ensure long-lasting durability.

Maintenance Tips For Brushless Ice Drilling Devices

01. Periodically take apart the ice auger, and clean the inner parts, especially the motor. Give extra focus on rotating parts and the can, as they may have dirt and ice residues.

02. For better cleaning of the motor, automotive or marine wax, rain x or pam cooking spray, etc., are an effective choice to improve the smoothness and efficiency.

03. Avoid continuously using ice drilling devices for hours. Give it a few minutes, and let it cool down. This will help you avoid overheating and damaging the moving parts and battery.

04. Charge your cordless ice auger after every trip if you create at least 20 holes in 16 inches of ice. Operating the device on a low battery will put extra pressure on the engine.

05. It is good practice to clean your ice auger blade after every trip to keep the cutting edge in tip-top condition. Dull blades put extra pressure on the drilling device.

Summing Up

An angler can choose a brushed or brushless drill for an ice auger depending on the budget, fishing frequency, ice thickness, and other factors.

If you don’t mind spending extra and you care more about getting the best performance, a brushless option is the best choice. It will ensure better drilling speed with more power.

The best part is that you will save time and utilize it for catching more fish. Hopefully, you got a clear idea about the question, “Do you need a brushless drill for an ice auger?”

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