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Fishing rods are one of the most crucial components for catching fish. Investing in a dedicated fishing rod is vital. Have you recently joined the fishing world? You might be wondering this question: how many fishing rods should I have?

You can keep one to three fishing rods and reels with you when fishing. But it depends on your fishing skills and techniques. Seasonal and inexperienced anglers should use only one or two options. Experienced fishermen can take more rods to catch more fish. 

How Many Fishing Rods Should I Have?

New anglers often feel confused about whether they should have one or several fishing rods while catching fish.

It mainly depends on your preference and fishing skills. People who have recently started fishing should initially carry one or two fishing rods and reels.

They can keep more options with them once they become experienced enough.

However, experienced anglers can keep at least two fishing rods and reels with them.

The number will vary depending on their fishing skills and fishing techniques. If they want to catch more fishing in a single trip, having several options give more advantages.

How Many Fishing Rods Should I Have

Advantage Of Using More Than One Fishing Rods

Why should you carry more than one fishing rod when the current one works perfectly?

Here is why you need several fishing rods for a convenient fishing experience.

01. More Probability of Catching Fishes

Fishes are pretty clever. They love to play hide and seek.

These angles hide in various spots, such as hollow trees, Undercut banks, rocks, eddies, etc.

Using several fishing rods allows you to utilize all potential spots for catching fish.

After all, you can’t move a single gear continuously here and there.

02. Various Sizes and Types of Fish

Not all fishing rods have the same capabilities. They are specially designed for specific purposes.

For example, bait-casting rods are ideal for smallmouth and largemouth bass, whereas ice-fishing rods come in handy for Bluegills, Walleye, Perch, Pike, etc.

Likewise, fly fishing rods are great for salmon, grayling, trout, etc. In contrast, Surf Fishing Rods are perfect for catching Flounder, Rockfish, Mackerel, etc.

Hence, you may want to bring several types of fishing rods depending on the type of fish to catch.

03. Utilization Of Multiple Angles

The ideal angle for fishing ranges from 35 to 75 degrees. You can’t use the same fishing rod from multiple angles.

Having several fishing rods allows you to utilize all potential angles where fish hide.

It gives you more opportunities to catch fish within a short time.

04. A Perfect Backup

Fishing rods don’t last for a lifetime. Your older gear may get damaged at the time of fishing.

It occurs when you fight against bulky and heavy fish that cause extra pressure on the fishing equipment.

An additional fishing rod will be a perfect backup to use. You can utilize it if the current one is not functioning correctly.

05. Tackling Challenging Situations

Anglers, especially bass fishermen, face various types of fishing conditions.

If your goal is to catch as many fish as possible, several fishing rods are a must.

Fish behavior changes when they find the presence of anglers. Fishermen will read different scenarios and use separate fishing gear for each situation.

It allows experienced anglers to save time and catch more fish.

Factors to Determine How Many Fishing Rods You Should Have 

Not all anglers will need more than one fishing rod. Considering some crucial points is necessary to determine how many fishing rods to carry.

Before deciding how many fishing rods, we want to ask you the following questions.

01. What Is Your Fishing Objective? 

Some do fishing to pass their leisure time, while some have an excellent dedication to make it a profession.

One fishing rod is enough if you only do fishing during the holidays as a part of the entertainment.

On the contrary, serious fishermen will need at least two or three options.

02. How Long Have You Been Fishing? 

Have you just recently started fishing as a part of curiosity? One fishing rod is enough until you develop enough skills to manage several rods simultaneously.

Maintaining the optimal distance and length is tricky when you use several fishing rods at a time.

But experienced anglers should keep two or three fishing rods if they want to catch more fish.

03. How Many Fishing Gear is With You?

Anglers don’t just carry fishing rods. They also need to take various types of gear, such as hooks, lines, sinkers, spears, reels, baits, bite indicators, nets, traps, etc.

Carrying additional fishing rods will be a hassle if you already have too many items.

Before going for a fishing trip, create a proper plan to ensure you have everything you need.

04. Where will you Do fishing?

Fishing a few kilometers away and fishing hundreds of kilometers away is different.

If you want to do fishing in a long distant place where you have to walk several miles, carrying several fishing rods with other gear will be difficult.  

05. How Challenging The Fishing Conditions Are?

Will you have to face a lot of struggles while catching fish? If so, carrying multiple fishing conditions comes in handy.

It will aid you if the current one breaks down accidentally.

However, the fishing conditions are stable; like an open zone, one fishing rod is enough.

06. How Good is the weather?

The weather can be bad at any time. Extremely windy conditions will limit your fishing performance.

You will struggle to move the fishing gear conveniently from one spot to another.

Having several fishing rods will help you target many spots at a time.

07. What Is Your Fishing Technique?

Fishing in freshwater and saltwater is not the same.

If you want to do both types of fishing in a single trip, keep separate fishing gear for each one.

After all, manufacturers design and manufacture fishing rods based on where they will be used.

Things To Use When Carrying Multiple Fishing Rods

Being cautious is necessary while carrying all the fishing gear. If not, you may break one or several items.

Before going fishing, give your fishing rods optimal protection. So what should you use to safeguard this equipment?

A fishing rod case comes in handy to keep all the rods safe. You can also keep other fishing gear inside the bag.

Alternatively, a travel case is a perfect alternative for anglers to carry this fishing gear.

Besides, you can use a fishing rod carrier to store, transport, and securely hold all fishing rods in an organized manner.

Also, you should use a fishing rod holder for your garage.

Final Thoughts

Are you still wondering about this question: how many fishing rods should I have? It generally depends on your fishing skills, techniques, requirements, locations, conditions, and many other aspects. But having more than one option is convenient to continue fishing all day long.

But, if you are new to the fishing world, start with one fishing rod. Then, buy more after you learn how to use several options simultaneously. If you have already passed several years, you can keep multiple fishing rods depending on your skills and fishing techniques.

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