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Fishing rods are pretty durable. They can last 50 years or more if you ensure optimal care and maintenance. When you don’t want to use the gear for several weeks, it is better not to keep them inside the boat. You might be thinking of keeping it in your garage, right?

But knowing the right approach is crucial. You don’t want to damage your beautiful fishing gear. So, how to store fishing rods in the garage? This article will guide you to keep your fishing gear safely inside the garage. Let’s jump in!

Step-by-Step Guide To Store Fishing Rods In Garage?

You can’t just randomly throw your fishing rods in the garage after completing the trip.

Storing fishing rods in a garage requires following step-by-step guidelines and proper planning.

Let’s learn the procedure of storing fishing gear in an internal parking area.

How To Store Fishing Rods In Garage

Step 01: Choose An Appropriate Place

The first thing is choosing a perfect spot to keep your fishing rods.

Storing the gear in a cool, dry place is a solid rule of thumb. The garage room temperature should not be too cold or too hot.

The temperature should be above 110℉. It needs to be consistent, also.

Additionally, make sure rainwater from the outside doesn’t go inside your garage water. Otherwise, it will cause rust and corrosion issues.

Extreme humidity or damp conditions will result in performance degradation in fishing rods.

Step 02: Select the Right Storage Option  

Several fishing rod storage options are available for fishing rods. Mounted wall racks and shelf-based racks are the two most popular choices.

The off-the-ground area is the best spot if your garage area has limited space and the floor area always remains dirty.

Usually, you set up the mounted rack on one side of the wall horizontally to keep the fishing gear. In some cases, installing it on the ceiling is possible too.

But, if you have enough space in your garage, select a shelf-based fishing rod rack. It offers better accessibility.

Some are pretty portable. You can even take them out if needed. They have several shelves to keep other fishing equipment easily.

Step 03: Clean The Fishing Rods  

Once you have chosen the right storage option and installed it correctly, it is time to store them.

But, before keeping them in the fishing rack, you want to clean the fishing rods.

It may have dirt and moisture if you have recently used the gear. It is a solid rule of thumb to use lukewarm water and vinegar to clean them properly.

Avoid using any harsh or chemical solutions as they may damage the fishing rods. Using a mild detergent or gentle soap might be okay too.

Finally, grab a fresh towel, and wipe all the fishing rods properly to make them fully dry.

Keep them in the sunlight for a few minutes to eliminate all the moisture.

Step 04: Take Apart Other Equipment  

If you plan to store your fishing rods for a long time, separate other parts from the fishing rod. 

Add one or two drops of oil to the fishing reel‘s bearings. It keeps the fast-moving parts in good condition. You will see minimal friction.

Detach the fishing line and fishing reel from the fishing rod. Make sure to coil the fishing line loosely to minimize friction and stretch. 

The line speed will remain in the space. Your casting performance will not be affected.

Step 05: Inspect The Fishing Rods

Before storing the fishing rods, examine the fishing rods. They may have some damage.

Give close attention to the rod tips and guides. If the guides have light scratches, you can use 800 to 1000 grit Fine grade sandpaper to get rid of them.

Be gentle while sanding them. Avoid overdoing it. Just sand them for a few minutes until you achieve a smooth surface.

If the guides have heavy scratches, replacing them is a better choice. Otherwise, it will damage the fishing line.  

Step 06: Store The Fishing Rods Correctly

Here comes the most crucial part. Your storing approach will vary depending on the storage approach.

Thinking of keeping the fishing gear horizontally in a wall-mounted rack? Make sure to loosen the line and cut off the used or old line.

Avoid pulling the fishing line extremely tightly if it is stored with the fishing rod and reel. Otherwise, it will cause extra pressure on other gear.

Do you want to store the fishing rod vertically on the shelf-based rack? Maintain at least one-foot space between the garage floor and the fishing poles.

Otherwise, you may see molding or rotting issues over time.

Tips For Storing Fishing Rods In A Garage Safely

You have already learned how to store fishing rods in the garage step-by-step.

Here, we come up with some bonus tips to help you secure your fishing gear and keep them in tip-top condition.

Tip 01: No Heavy Items On Top Of The Rack 

Have you chosen a shelf-based rack for storing the fishing rods? If yes, avoid keeping heavy objects in the storage system.

These heavy objects may fall over your fishing gear and damage your favorite fishing gear. It will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Tip 02: No Loose Fittings

Have you bought a wall-mounted fishing rod holder? Make sure to keep each fishing rod securely in place.

There should not be enough loose fittings while you keep them hanging.

 Buying a better storage option is crucial, even if it costs a few dollars more.

High-quality storage options have a locking feature to keep the fishing rod secure. No chance of falling!

Tip 03: Keep Pets And Children Away  

Avoid letting pets and children enter your garage room.

Cats or dogs may take the fishing rods as toys and start playing with them. They may bite them and damage several parts.

Kids may play with them because of curiosity and ruin the fishing rods.

Hanging options are better to prevent kids and pets from touching the fishing gear.

Tip 04: Choose A Spacious Location

A few square feet might be okay for a fishing rod holder. But avoid keeping it in a secure location, like the back of a cabinet.

An open, spacious spot is better for storing fishing rods.

Plus, you can regularly see the fishing gear’s current condition every time you visit the garage.

Tip 05: Avoid keeping too many fishing rods  

Each fishing rod holders have a limited capacity to store many gears.

But if your fishing rods and reels are relatively thicker and more extensive, they may cover several slots.

Avoid jamming up all of them in a single rack. If you have a vast collection, buy another fishing rod holder.

Keeping all fishing rods tightly in a single storage rack will cause damage or wear and tear due to friction from one over another.

Wrapping Up

As a dedicated angler, taking care of your fishing gear is crucial. The better your maintenance, the better your performance! The most important aspect is keeping your fishing rods safe after ending your trip. Your responsibility is more during the off-season period.

We have already outlined a step-by-step guideline regarding how to store fishing rods in garage. Make sure to follow each step sequentially to keep your fishing gear in tip-top condition for a long-lasting period. That’s how an enthusiastic angler thinks!

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