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Are you an enthusiastic angler who loves to fish anywhere you go? As a conscious citizen, you must be aware of Transportation Security Administration rules. There are certain rules and regulations on fishing gear, such as hooks, rods, reels, lures, etc.

Can fishing hooks go in hand luggage? You can carry fishing hooks in your hand luggage on a plane if it is small (generally less than 4 inches) and doesn’t pose any threat to harm any passengers, cabin crews, and pilots. Otherwise, you will have to carry it in the checked luggage after securely padding it. Make sure to check the TSA rules and regulations.

Can Fishing Hooks Go In Hand Luggage?

Yes, you are permitted to carry fishing hooks in your carry-on or hand luggage or bag. Generally, small-sized fishing hooks are safe to carry in carry-on baggage.

If the fishing hooks are less than 4 inches in measurement, you can carry them in your handbags. But anything more than 4 inches must be brought in checked baggage.  

Plus, it should not look like a weapon. It is best to keep large fish hooks in checked luggage as it might be dangerous to carry on a plane.

TSA always eliminates carrying any items in handbags if they pose any security threat. Also, keep your large fish hooks organized inside the bag to help ease the screening process.

It is time-consuming to check jam-packed, cluttered, overstuffed baggage.

Your bags might be eligible for on-person screening by a TSA officer after TSA checkpoint screening if any doubtful items are found.

Can Fishing Hooks Go In Hand Luggage

Are Large Fishing Hooks Allowed To Keep In Carry-On Luggage?

Most airline carriers will likely interrogate you about safety and security terms when you are carrying a box full of large fish hooks in your hand luggage.

If the airport security officer doesn’t have any knowledge about the fishing gear, you are more likely to delay the security procedure.

They may ask you questions systematically as per their rules and regulation.

The best solution is to write an email to the airline carrier about carry-on regulations for fishing hooks.

If you have positive feedback, print out the mail copy and submit it while in the security procedure.  

What Factors Determine Whether A Fishing Hook Is Eligible To Carry In-Hand Luggage On Plane?

The followings are the three most important factors that enable you to carry a fishing hook in your hand luggage or checked baggage.


Of course, size is one of the most important things for a fishing hook to carry in hand luggage on a plane.

There is no direct answer regarding a fishing hook’s maximum and minimum length. But we have figured out a rough range about the maximum size through the @AskTSA Twitter platform.

Employees of TSA answered that fishing hooks more than 4 inches are encouraged to carry in checked baggage. Otherwise, it will have to pass several ongoing security checks.


How sharp your fishing hook looks? Is it look like a weapon? If so, you are not allowed to carry it onboard a plane in your hand luggage.

Most airline carriers will disallow carrying any weapon-like fishing to take in hand baggage.

It compromises the safety terms and rules. Passengers may use it to harm others on the plane.

Bendable Metals

Are your fishing hooks bendable metals? They might be easily given a perfect shape.

Airline carriers may prohibit carrying such items in handbags on the plane as you can easily manipulate them into dangerous objects, such as weapons.

If you want to carry such items, keeping them in your checked baggage is best. Otherwise, you will have no option but discard it.

TSA Rules To Carry Fishing Hooks On Plane

According to TSA rules, passengers can carry fishing hooks in both their carry-on and hand luggage. However, it is best to review the TSA rules and guidelines carefully.

If you want to keep fishing hooks in your carry-on baggage, their size must be small. Plus, they should look safe. You can carry them in the checked luggage if they are larger.

Larger fish hooks may have sharp points. You must wrap them up and pack them securely with a protective covering. It should not pose a security threat and harm others.

TSA also allowed to carry fishing rods and reels to carry checked luggage and carry-on luggage.

But airline carriers often don’t allow to carry rod tubes on carry-on bags if they don’t meet the size requirements (more than seven inches in length). 

Check with the airline to certify that the fishing gear complies with the size. The airline carrier reserves the right to forbid any fishing tool that poses a security threat.

Can You Bring Fishing Hooks On A Plane In Checked Baggage?

Sometimes, your fishing hooks might be too large (deep sea fishing hooks) to fit in your carry-on bag.

Or they may not go well with other essential items inside the bag. This makes you uncomfortable.

Keeping them inside the checked luggage in a separate case or box is best. One of the simplest solutions is using a fishing hook container that won’t cost more than $30.

Make sure to pad them securely to prevent the sharping point from harming the baggage handlers and inspectors.

If the fishing hooks are too fragile, you can use bubble wrap, synthetic foam, or similar soft cushioning material.

Keep them in the middle of the bag to provide protection from impacts, shocks, and vibrations.

Can You Bring Any Fishing Tackle On A Plane?

Carrying fishing hooks are okay if you securely wrap them with protective covers. But is carrying other fishing lures and fishing takes on a plane permissible?

You can carry fishing lures in both carry-on bags and checked luggage if you do not pose a security threat and pass the TSA regulations and regulations.

However, you need to be a bit cautious while carrying Fishing tackles. The sharp points of fishing tackles may pierce someone’s skin. Plus, you can use it as a weapon.

You can carry it if you appropriately wrap up the fishing tackles and lures to ensure optimal safety.

But any fishing tackles or equipment larger than 4 inches are encouraged to keep in check baggage.

Can You Bring Fishing Hooks Through Airport Security?

Passengers are allowed to bring fishing hooks through airport security. Most fishing hooks are made of high-carbon, vanadium-alloyed, or stainless steel metals.

X-Ray Machines at airport security can easily detect these metals. But airport security officers are more likely to check if they appear unusual.

Nevertheless, as long as the fishing hooks and other fishing gear appear safe and adequately packaged, airport security officers won’t seize them.

Here, one thing to remember is that each airport may have some of its security rules, regulations, and protocols. It may not always match with Transportation Security Administration regulations.

If you carry a good number of fishing gear for the first time to a particular airport, it is always best to go through the rules and regulations of the specific airline carrier. 

Can You Bring Fishing Hooks Through TSA Checkpoints?

An airline carrier rules and regulations and TSA rules and regulations are not always the same. People often think they are the same. But they actually are not always.

You can bring fishing hooks and other fishing gear through TSA checkpoints as long as they don’t compromise any safety rules and regulations.  

If you carry any valuable and expensive fishing hooks, keeping them in your hand luggage is best. But make sure it doesn’t look like a weapon and meets the size requirements.

Otherwise, you will have to keep it inside the checked luggage after securely wrapping it up.

If you are traveling after a long time, don’t forget to go through the latest TSA rules and regulations. They update them from time to time.  

Tips On Carrying Fishing Hooks On The Plane

You have already learned some vital information about carrying fishing hooks on planes. Here are a few bonus tips to make the traveling journey smooth and fewer hassles.

Airline Carrier Rules And Regulations

Go through the airline carrier rules and regulations properly. If you are traveling after a long gap, check for any updates about fishing equipment.

Visit their official website and call them at their official number to know everything clearly.

You can also mail them and get written approval if you want to carry a huge number of fishing hooks and other items. 

Pack Your Fishing Hooks Securely

Don’t just randomly put your fishing hooks in one corner of your bag. It may damage your other items and hurt the security officer while checking your belonging.

Use a sturdy and secure container to keep your fishing hooks separate. A tackle box or fishing hook container with a secure lid comes in handy to keep items organized and safe.

Label Your Container

You might be carrying expensive, uncommon, and valuable fishing hooks. Whether storing them in hand baggage or checked luggage, it is always best to label the fishing hook box clearly.

This will help you quickly find the item. When a security officer is checking your items, he/she will also easily understand them.

Sometimes, your items may get lost while traveling on the plane. If your fishing hook container has your name and contact information, you have a chance to get it.

Use Barbless Hooks

It is best to carry barbless fishing hooks for international traveling purposes. They are safer to use due to their small v-shaped metal piece.

Even if the fishing hook accidentally pierces through your or someone’s skin, it is much easier to remove from the skin. The baggage handlers will feel less hurt.

Be Prepared For Additional Screening

Do you want to carry a lot of fishing hooks in your baggage? If so, be prepared for additional screening.

The security personnel may cross-check your items several times. It may take 30-45 minutes. So, be patient and cooperate with security personnel to help the process smoothly.


When the airport security person asks you about the fishing hooks, tell him/her everything clearly. Be honest and tell everything clearly. This will help you to pass the security procedure quickly.

Hopefully, you got a clear overview of the question, “Can fishing hooks go in hand luggage?” Let me know if you still have any queries about this topic!

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