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The ice auger blades are a crucial part of this drilling tool. This sharp piece of metal allows you to drill holes and remove items from the frozen water. However, if the blade becomes dull, it won’t be able to drill holes inside the icy water.

How long do ice auger blades last? Ice Auger Blades can last around 2 to 3 years from regular heavy usage. But, if used infrequently, their lifespan can be 5 to 10 years. However, the blade quality, type, and other maintenance approaches will affect its durability.

How Long Do Ice Auger Blades Last?

The lifespan of ice auger blades ranges from two to three years from regular heavy usage.

It can be less if you don’t follow the right maintenance approach and let careless fishermen use the ice auger.

 But if you only use them personally and take proper care, the blades can last ten years or more.

In some cases, it may last even 20-30 years if you follow the maintenance approach strictly and regularly sharpen the blades.

How Long Do Ice Auger Blades Last

What Factors Determine How Long Ice Auger Blades Will Last?

Ever wondered what makes ice auger blades last longer?

Several aspects determine the approximate lifespan of the cutting edges of this drilling tool.

The followings are the most crucial factors contributing to the durability of ice auger blades.

01. Blade Quality

Quality products make a difference, and so do high-quality ice augers.

Different materials are available for making ice auger blades, such as stainless steel, high-carbon steel, boron steel, alloy steel, etc.

These materials vary in their lifespan. Some have chromium coating to resist rust and corrosion.

Ice auger blades are directly and repeatedly in contact with the water. Hence, it must have a high-quality chromium coating to protect the blade edge from rust and corrosion. 

The following table shows the approximate lifespan of various material-based blades. However, it can be more or less depending on using approach and sharpening technique.

Material TypeApproximate Lifespan From Heavy UseApproximate Lifespan From Light Use
Stainless Steel2 to 3 years5 to 10 years
High-carbon Steel2 to 3 years5 to 10 years
Boron Steel1 to 2 years3 to 6 years
Alloy Steel1 to 2 years3 to 6 years

02. Sharpening Ability

Not all ice auger blades can be sharpened for a long time. The sharp edges start reducing when you regularly sharpen the ice auger blades. 

If the sharp edges become too short, you will struggle to use your ice auger. You will have no option but to get new blades.

Now, you must be wondering how some ice auger blades have an extended sharpening ability, right?

It generally depends on the blade’s thickness and rigidity. High-strength blades will be lost minimal sharp edges each time you sharpen them.

Their increased physical strength keeps the edges secured for a long time.

But cheap-quality and thin blades will not be perfect for long-term sharpening. You may need to replace them every year.     

03. Ice Auger Blade Type

Two types of ice auger blades are available: chipper and laser. Chipper-style blades are more durable than Lazer-style blades.

 The main reason some fishermen use laser blades is due to their fast cutting action. It can significantly reduce the hole-cutting speed if you dig too many holes daily.

But if you focus more on durability, Chipper-style blades are the best choice.

They may take a little time to dig holes. However, the cutting edges will remain sharp for a long time.

The following table shows the approximate lifespan of these two types of blades. However, it can be more or less depending on using approach and sharpening technique.

Blade TypeApproximate Lifespan From Heavy UseApproximate Lifespan From Light Use
Chipper-style Blades2 to 3 years5 to 10 years
Lazer-style Blades1 to 2 years3 to 6 years

04. Maintenance Approach

It is always said, “Fruits of hard work are always sweet.” If you take care of your auger blades appropriately, they will last a long time.

The opposite will happen if you are too careless.

 For example, when you use the ice drilling tool to drill into rock, gravel, or sand, the blades will become significantly dull within a short period.

You should take all the preventive actions to save the cutting edges from getting badly damaged or rusted.

05. Sharpening Frequency   

How often do you sharpen your ice auger blades? It is a good rule of thumb to lightly hone the cutting edges after a few usages.

Apart from drilling frozen water precisely, regular sharpening will prevent the blade material from wearing away at an expedited rate.

Plus, the ice auger blades will become short and thin over time if you don’t regularly sharpen the blades.

Another benefit of regular light sharpening is that it will remove extremely minimal blade material.

Regular sharpening will allow the cutting edges to hold pretty well. Hence, their shape will remain in tip-top condition for a long time.

Make sure to professionally hone the blades once a year to ensure long-lasting durability.

06. Sharpening Approach

How do you sharpen your ice auger blades? Following the right sharpening technique is crucial. A wrong sharpening approach can badly damage the cutting edges of the ice auger.  

More importantly, you want to use the correct sharpening tool. Experts recommend using a whetstone or knife sharpener to hone the cutting edges precisely.

Some fishermen use sandpapers to sharpen ice auger blades. Apart from being ineffective, it can significantly damage the blade material due to over-sharpening.

If you want to get off dents and nicks, coarse stones are not bad.

Some sharpening tools require more time to hone than others. Many commercial-grades options are also available for quick and effective sharpening.

How Often Should You Change The Ice Auger Blades?

You can use them as long as the ice auger blades stay sharp and drill holes perfectly.

Generally, replacing ice auger blades after two or three years is a solid rule of thumb if you regularly use the tool.

However, regularly sharpening with the best tool may increase its lifespan and allow you to use it for additional years.

But avoid using too dull blades for cutting ice. Besides taking additional time, you may face accidents if you are not careful enough.

How Many Times Can You Sharpen Ice Auger Blades?

It generally varies depending on the blade type, material, and quality. Some will be inappropriate for sharpening after five to ten times.

In contrast, top-quality ice auger blades allow you to sharpen it 15 to 25 times before you replace it.

However, your sharpening technique and sharpening tool will affect how many times you can do it.

In some cases, it can be more or less. Either learn the ideal way of sharpening ice auger blades or take it to a professional to precisely sharpen the cutting edges with any damage.

Bonus Tips For Making Ice Auger Blades Last Longer

  1. Built-in enclosure ice auger blades after every trip to avoid corrosion and rust issues.
  2. Use WD-40 after every trip to silence squeaks, displace moisture, prevent rust, and penetrate water-displacement chemicals.
  3. Whenever you are not using the ice auger, put on the blade guards to protect the cutting edges.
  4. If you forget to bring blade guards, use thicker tapes to safeguard the blades.
  5. Always keep several ice auger blades to avoid overusing a particular unit. Use it only after properly sharpening it the next time.
  6. Avoid striking the ice auger with hard objects like rocks, stones, bricks, and gravel. Otherwise, it will affect its durability and may completely damage the cutting edges.
  7. Apart from light sharpening, professionally sharpen the ice auger blades after one or two years. Follow the same rule if you use it after a long gap.
  8. Don’t put extra pressure on the blades while drilling the ice. It may bend the auger blades and completely damage the cutting edges. Avoid dropping it on the ice surface.
  9. Use a wall bracket to store the ice auger. It should be upright and hanging freely in the wall bracket.
  10. Store the ice auger blades in a cool, dry place after wiping the blade surface with a cloth and spraying a small amount of oil. Don’t forget to put on the blade guard too.
  11. Make sure to properly tighten the screws of the blades before using the tool. They should not come loose even when you don’t use them.
  12. Use mild soap or a damp cloth to clean the blade surface and remove dirt and debris from the cutting edges. And dry the blades perfectly.

Final Verdict

Ice auger blades will not last a lifetime. But proper maintenance and the right sharpening techniques will ensure long-lasting durability.

However, cheap blades will last more than one year, even after regular maintenance. Hence, you want to install top-grade options to make them last longer.

Hopefully, you got a clear idea regarding the question, “How long do ice auger blades take?” Make sure to follow our tips to keep the cutting edges sharp for an extended period.

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